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Country Club Local Rules

The rules of the USGA and its Decisions will govern all play as well as those local rules listed below:

1. The embedded ball rule is in effect through the green. Through the green is any part of the golf course that is not teeing ground or hazard. You may lift, clean, and drop the ball.

2. Out of Bounds is defined by stone walls left of and behind #1, left of and behind #2, left of #7 through #11, and left of #16. Any ball that lies on or crosses the road left of #3 and #4 is out of bounds even though the all may still lie on another part of the course. White Stakes and/or lines define out of bounds right of #1, #3, #8, #13, left of #4, #8, #11, #14, #15, #16, #17, #18; and behind the green on #3, #4, #6, #11, #13, and #15. The parking lot is out of bounds.

3. Stone Walls are considered integral parts of the course or boundaries. There are no Free Drops from stone walls.

4. Water Hazards are defined by the yellow stakes and/or lines on hole 15(pond to the right).

5. Lateral Water Hazards are defined by red stakes and/or lines on holes #9, #10, #11, #12, #13, and #17.

6. Stones in bunkers are "movable obstructions" and may be lifted and removed without penalty under rule 24-1.

7. Fairway Rocks get a free drop from visible rocks in your own fairway only, 1 club length, not nearer to the hole.

8. Free Lift and Drop from the Following Conditions:

  • Cart paths and extensions thereof. Relief equals stance and swing. One club length not nearer to the hole from the nearest point of relief.
  • Fences on holes #1, #4, #14, and #16, when swing or stance is interfered with by the fence, the ball may be lifted and dripped in the designated drop area.(if you elect to lift the ball, you must use the designated drop area, even though it may be closer to the hole)
  • There are five drop areas to the left of hole 17. Should your ball end up on the cart path, and you elect to take relief, go to the nearest drop area, even though you may be closer to the hole.
  • Ground under repair is marked by white lines and/or signs. Relief is mandatory from these conditions. Ball must e lifted and dropped within one club length, no closer to the hole, from the nearest point of complete relief.

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