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General Tournament Info

Assessment Tournament - No entry fee if tournament option was chosen for Pro Shop Assessment.

Events for Ladies include:

  • ABCD
  • Club Championships
  • Ringers
  • Ladies Final Tournament

Events for Men include:

  • Sweeps
  • Club Championship


  • Men's Sweeps are 100% handicap unless otherwise posted
  • Individual competitions are set at 100% handicap unless other specified, except the Championship flight in the Men's and Ladies Club Championships, which are played at scratch.
  • Players are responsible for checking their tee time and scorecard.
  • Honor commitment when signing up for tournaments. Failure to show may result in the team being disqualified
  • Tee Times will be staggered when possible in tournaments that cover more than one day
  • P.Y.O.P - Pick your own Partner
  • M.Y.O.F. - Make your own Foursome.


  • Tournament sign-up sheets will be posted 2 weeks before each tournament in the tournament book. For most tournaments, the deadline is 5:00 pm the Wednesday before the tournament.

Cancellation Policy:

  • If the course is open and playable, players should assume that the tournament will be played on time.
  • If the Committee deems it in the best interest of the tournament and the club to postpone play, they may call a delay up to a maximum of two hours. All players are expected to remain at the club and begin play when tournament play begins. Failure to do so may result in disqualification of a team or forfeiture of a match. You will still be responsible for an entry fee and may be ineligible for future tournaments.
  • Withdrawal from any tournament for other than emergency case will result in that player/team being suspended from a future tournament determined by the Tournament Committee.
  • Withdrawals from a tournament after tee times are drawn; the player must find his/her own replacement within the correct handicap range.
  • Late for a tee time: Individual Stroke Play
    1-10 minutes - 2 Stroke Penalty
    >10 minutes - disqualification