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Rules and Regulations

1. Tee times may be booked 7 days in advance by Members and 2 days in advance by public players

2. Members are required to sign in at the pro shop before beginning their round.

3. Members must register their guest(s) in the pro shop before beginning play.

  • Members are responsible for their guests when playing at WCC

4. Course Opening Times by Month:

  • Weekdays: 7:00 am
  • Weekends: 7:00 am
  • Weekdays: 6:50 am
  • Weekends: 6:30 am
  • Weekdays: 6:50 am
  • Weekends: 6:30 am
  • Weekdays: 6:50 am
  • Weekends: 6:30 am
  • Weekdays: 6:50 am
  • Weekends: 6:30 am
  • Weekdays: 7:00 am
  • Weekends: 7:00 am
  • Weekdays: 7:30 am
  • Weekends: 7:00 am
  • Weekdays: 8:00 am
  • Weekends: 7:30 am

5. No Fivesomes are allowed.

6. Tee times with less than 4 players may be paired up

7. All play must start from the first tee unless otherwise directed by the pro shop staff. Foursomes have priority on the tee. Join up when possible. No more than two riders allowed in a golf cart.

8. Golfers should replace divots and smooth over footprints and club marks left in traps. Please repair all ball marks on the greens. All litter must be placed in receptacles provided. Practicing from teeing areas or to greens is not permitted. Practice is only permitted at our designated practice area near the 7th hole and on the putting green. Please check in the pro shop for these locations. At no time can practice interfere with course play.

9. Pace of play Policy

  • Ready Golf: W.C.C has adopted the "ready golf" policy for all rounds played. All players should be ready to play when it is their turn. If a player is not ready another player in the group should play. Do not observe "honor" or "away" when a player is not ready.
  • Continuous Play Policy: on any putting green, all players must putt continuously once the ball is within 18" of the hole. Continuous putting is encouraged within 3 ft, but required within 18".

  • In the interest of all, players should play without delay and keep up with the group in front of them.

10. All competitions will be governed by the rules set down by The United States Golf Association except those modified by the tournament committee.

11. Golf etiquette and proper attire are required at all times while on the Wenham Country Club premises.

12. Honor commitment when signing up for tournaments. Failure to show may result in the team being disqualified.

13. Pull Cart Policy - Pull carts and bags should be kept off tees, aprons, and approaches. Withing 30' of the green, bags and pull carts should be kept in the rough.

14. Handicap Flag Policy - If you must use a handicap flag for injury purposes, please be respectful near the greens, and keep your carts in the rough when able. 

15.  The abuse of alcoholic beverages on the golf course and in the clubhouse will not be tolerated.

16.  The club shall not be responsible for any loss of personal property or injuries to members or nonmembers.

17. Junior members are eligible for play after 12:00pm on weekends and holidays.

18. Restricted members are eligible for play after 12:00pm on weekends and holidays

19. Please be sure to check the website and monthly calendars for specific times

Disregarding club rules and regulations may lead to verbal warning and/or suspension of membership

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