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Women's Bowls & Plaques


Memorial Day Bowl

Format: 18 hole Net Point Quota; Max Handicap 36

This tournament was established as a remembrance of former WCC Women members who have passed on and are not specifically mentioned in an individual bowl or tournament. The winner of this tournament is also awarded an opportunity to donate a contribution to a charity of her choice.


Alice Brown

Format: 18 hole Quota; 6 Point Min

Established in 1991 by the Women's Division in honor of Alice Brown who had been a long time member. She has given generously of her time and energy to fund raising, the running of tournaments, and reaching out to educate the members on scoring. Alice was a great "Story Teller" and an upbeat person who promoted an 'espirit of corps' among the ladies.


Partners' Bowl

Format: Best Nine Holes from each player's score for the 18 holes. Add the handicap of each player and divide by 2. Max Handicap 36

Instituted to allow two people to play as a team.


Barbara Egan Presidents Cup

Format: Best 16 holes, 8 from the front, 8 from the back. Stroke the card at 90% handicap; Max Handicap 36

Named for Barbara Egan, who has been a member of Wenham Country club since the 1950s; the longest of any female member.


Tarr Memorial

Format: 18 hole Metal Play. Strike the card at 100% handicap. There is handicap limit. Max number of strokes on any hole is 10, depending on your handicap.

Eunice Tarr donated this bowl in memory of her husband, Raymond Tarr. She was often seen with her "best friend" Missy, a Terrier walking or driving her golf cart around what was once known as Tarr's Pasture. Always smiling, Mrs. Tarr always supported the efforts of the Women's Division.