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Women's Tournaments

Tuesday's Ladies- Play of golf organized by the Pro Shop and held Tuesday mornings. (info posted in the locker room). There is no sign-up required, and all women should arrive no later than 9:00 a.m. as play starts promptly with an 9:30 shotgun start. Format will be determined each week by the Pro Shop just prior to start.

Women's Member Guest 

Format: 1 best ball on the par 4s and 5s of the foursome; 2 best balls on the par 3s of the foursome

This tournament is held to give Wenham members an opportunity to invite a non-member golfing friend to play Wenham in a competitive format. Participants typically decorate their golf cart according to that year's theme for the Member-Guest, and there is a prize given for the best cart.


Women's Division gross tournament with the lowest score being posted for each hole. There is one season which runs from May 1 - August 31 each year. Each member maintains their own ringer card (3 x 5 index card) stored in the back room area of the Women's Locker Room. Each time a player improves a score on any hole, it must be attested/signed by a member and posted on the Ringer card. All holes should be filled and posted using pencil. Incomplete cards will not be counted. Prizes are awarded in September for both Net and Gross prizes. New members do not need established handicaps to begin participation. If not in tournament assessment, you must pay the tournament fee before the opening meeting. 

State Team/Spring Team

Open to paid members of the WGAM, which sponsor many tournaments throughout the season, hosted by various member clubs. The season begins with what is called the "Spring Team Matches". One hundred and fifty-six teams representing approximately 110 clubs are divided into 26 competitions of six teams to win that particular division or "cup". The matches are played in 5 consecutive Thursdays beginning late April and ending in May.

Women's ABCD 

Format: Varies

The ABCD is a one day Tournament comprised of a team consisting of four women whose handicaps range from low to high. They play against all of the other ABCD teams. The formats vary. Great opportunity to meet new people!

Women's Spring Four-Ball 

Format: Team Match Play

The Women's Spring Four-Ball is a Match Play between two person teams and is flighted by the combined handicap of the two people on each team. The Match Play continues over two weekends until the top two teams per flight compete to win on the last day.

Ladies Club Championship 

Format: 2 Weekends - Flighted Net Play

The Ladies Club Championship is played over two weekends. 

Women's Fall Four-Ball 

Format: 4-ball Match Play

The Ladies Fall Four-Ball consists of five rounds of nine holes each where a two person team acquires points and is flighted by the combined handicap of the two people on each team. The teams with the most points win in their flight.

Women's Member-Member 

Format: Saturday: Front- Scramble; Back- Best Ball
Sunday: Front- Best Ball; Back- Alternate Shot

The Women's Member-Member consists of two person teams playing four different formats over two days. The team with the lowest score wins.  P.Y.O.P.

Ladies Wenham Cup & Shootout

Format: Match Play Elimination

All women who sign up for any Tournaments acquire points which are charted over the course of the season, beginning with the first ABCD and ending with the Fall Four Ball. One can acquire points not only for signing up but also for winning. The top ten women who have accumulated the most points at the end of the season will play in a Shootout. The Shootout is Match Play elimination starting on the first hole.

Women's Solheim Cup

Format: 4 Formats, a different one for each nine
Day One: Front- Scramble; Back- Best Ball, 100% Handicap
Day Two: Front- Aggregate, 100% Handicap; Back- Alternate Shot

The Ladies Solheim Cup consists of six person teams, each team representing a country. It is a two day event with two different formats on each of those days. The team with the lowest score wins.

Fields must consist of brackets of 6 players.