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Men’s Tournaments

Men's Sweeps

Format: Various

Balls must be holed out on these holes.

A weekly game run by the Golf professional. This has various formats, to keep the competition fierce but fair!

Men's ABCD

Format: Various

The ABCD is a one day Tournament comprised of a team consisting of four men whose handicaps range from low to high. They play against all of the other ABCD teams. The formats vary.

Men's Spring Four-Ball

Format: 4-ball Match Play (90% Handicap)

The Spring Four-Ball is a 2 person team match play tournament played over two weekends. The first day is a qualifier for seeding purposes, then the Match Play portion begins.

Men's Club Championship

Format: Match Play

The granddaddy of them all amongst the members! There are different divisions: Championship, Net, and Seniors (re-introduced in 2015). The Championship flight plays two days of qualifying, with the top 8 making it to Match Play, which concludes with a 36 hole final. The Net Flights go right into Match Play, being bracketed into flights of 16. The Senior Club Championship has one day of qualifying to determine the top 8, and then Match Play begins.

Men's Wenham Shootout


This is our version of the FedEx Cup on the PGA Tour. Players accumulate points throughout the season, with the top 10 players advancing for a sudden death 5 hole shootout.

Men's Fall Four-Ball

Format: Four Ball Match Play

The Fall Four-Ball consists of 6-9 hole matches amongst your flight with points being awarded for winning a hole and also for winning your match. The winning team in each flight advances to a sudden death shootout for all the bragging rights.

Men's Member-Member

Format: 36 holes of Best Ball of the Twosome (Gross & Net) (90% Handicap)
Pick Your Own Partner

A two person team tournament, with a format of 1 Best Ball of the twosome Gross and Net.

Men's Member-Guest

Format: Best Ball of the Twosome (Gross & Net) (90% Handicap)

A fun way to bring a non-member to our course to show off our great golf course to them, and also enjoy some great commodore amongst our members.

Men's Ryder Cup

Format: Day One: Front - Scramble; Back - Best Ball, 90% Handicap
Day Two: Front - Aggregate, 100% Handicap; Back - Alternate Shot

A fun two day tournament consisting of two person teams that compete in four different 9 hole formats (Scramble, Best Ball, Aggregate, and Alternate Shot).

Men's Team Match Play Qualifier

Format: Net best ball of the twosome (90% Handicap)

A tournament that is played throughout the summer, with each match being played once a month at the determination of the four players in the match.

Jim Bucci Tournament

Format: 1 Best Ball on holes 1-6; 2 Best Balls on holes 7-12; 3 Best Balls on holes 13-17; 4 Best Balls on hole 18

Years ago, Wenham lost a longtime member, friend, father, and husband. He had been a member of the Men's Golf Committee, and the Committee decided to have a tournament in his honor. Part of the tournament entry went to making a donation to the Jimmy Fund in Jim Bucci's name.