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Women's General Member Information

Women’s Golf Committees

Women's Tournament Committee

  • Maureen Carr - Chair
  • Abbie Winskowicz 
  • Jan Forrest
  • Katy Wong
  • Sandy Pasquarelli
  • Patty DeRobertis
  • Kiki Bokozanska

Women's Handicap Committee

  • Peg McCombe - Chair
  • Ginger Surdam
  • Gail Budash

Rules Committee

  • Katy Wong

Women's Friendship Committee

  • Kiki Bokozanska
  • Colleen Sullivan

Tournament Committee

The Tournament Committee will consist of seven members, including the chair. The committee will hold regular meetings and will hear and act on all reports from the women members. The committee will also establish rules and regulations to enhance the running of and participation in the activities of the Women's Division.

Friendship Committee

The Friendship Committee will be responsible for sending remembrances to members to acknowledge the loss of a loved one.  Members are asked to notify the Friendship Committee whenever condolences are appropriate

Handicap Committee

The Handicap Committee will review all handicaps, review posted scores and receive and handle all related issues and questions.

Rules Committee

The Rules Committee will ensure that all USGA rules and rule changes are communicated to all women members.