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Golf Committee

Women's Handicap Committee

  • Peg McCombe
  • Ginger Surdam
  • Abbie Winskowicz






Women's Division  Golf Committee



Women's Handicap Committee

Peg McCombe

Ginger Surdam

Abbie Winskowicz



Friendship Committee - Responsibility includes sending remembrances to acknowledge both happy and sad occasions that a member may experience during the year. This includes remembrances to members for loss of the spouse, child, mother, father, stepmother, stepfather, or grandchild. Remembrances may be: cards, flowers, plants or donations. It is a members responsibility to contact a member of the Friendship Committee when an occasion arises.

Handicap Committee - The Handicap Committee verifies that all acceptable golf scores are reported for handicap purposes, and that recorded scores are available for peer review. Responsible to post in the Women's Locker Room the rules for establishing handicaps, using current USGA rules. Also post local rules for eligibility to participate in various tournaments.

Hospitality Committee - Group of volunteer WCC Women members who's responsibility it is to prepare for any Ladies Division sponsored social event. This includes the annual Spring and Fall member meetings.

Nominating Committee - One month prior to the annual Fall meeting, this committee is responsible to post all vacant offices with a sign up sheet for any individual who is interested in being active within the Ladies Division and serving on a committee.

Rules Committee - This committee shall make and publish Local Rules and be responsible for interpretation of both Local and USGA Rules of Golf.

Tournament Committee - Chaired by the Vice President, this committee consists of a representative from each of the following: weekly tournaments, bowls, ringers, championship, four balls, and others as selected by the Tournament Chairperson. Assist the chairperson in the determination of prize structures for each season. Also assist with Pro Shop sponsored tournaments for the Women's Division membership. This includes posting sign-up sheet, drawing teams or pairings, and arranging tee times.